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BIKE FOR PEACE // Lesetipp:

Aktualisiert: 27. Mai 2021

Ich unterstütze das Projekt von

BIKE for Peace

Alexandros Tsachouridis, [17.04.2021, 00:55:09]:

Er schreibt :

"Brauche mal euren Support...

hab die letzten 6 Wochen mit meinem Team an dem Projekt gearbeitete, würde mich freuen, wenn ich euch als Follower gewinne und natürlich supporter"

#bike4peace#mexico#patagonia​ Love to you and keep spreading good vibes.

Alexandros from bike4peace - #guywithbignose

THE ONE MILLION DOLLAR BIKE TRIP 15.000 km from Sayulita in Mexico across North, Middle & South-Amercia to Patagonia. A charity bike trip to raise awareness and one million dollar for 100 Non-Profit-Organisations. Hey you. Yes you! Together WE are going on an adventure, to ride our bicycles 15,000 kilometers from Mexico to Patagonia in Argentina. This may sound crazy, but the only way we change the world is by doing crazy things, right? Together, we will ride to raise awareness and collect money for the people that fight to make our planet a better place to live. I started bike4peace in 2011, by travelling the world with a bicycle for almost 5 years. Along the way I got to know many different cultures and met lots of great and interesting people. What impressed me the most was their motivation for life. No matter their cultural background, they all had a motivation, something to strive for, something that gave their life purpose and meaning. So now we are cycling 15.000 km to raise awareness and a million dollars to support this people in their fight… in their fight… for freedom of speech to protect Earth's rainforests and ecosystems in the Amazon, to keep our beaches clean and beautiful to rally against child labor to provide clean drinking water for those without or teach how local communities continue to strive for sustainability So you get the point, we want to help everyone. With this project we will be focusing on 100 Non Profit Organisations. And the most amazing thing is that you can be part of this trip. Follow the adventure, become a supporter, share this project with your friends and family. Together we can raise awareness for the people that fight for a better world, and collect a massive 1 million dollars in donations to support them along their way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you support this project. PEACE. Alexandros For more informations, please visit the official project page: For daily updates, please follow bike4peace by Alexandros Tsachouridis on Instagram ————————————————————

► Where you can follow the amazing ride? https://bike4peace.eu​ ► Video by Noa Hopper Follow him​ or order from his amazing CBD Shop

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